Quote of The Day:

“Let us always meet each other with smile, for the smile if the beginning of love.” –Mother Teresa

I write pages with sentences of laughter, paragraphs of joy and chapters of love.

It’s effortless to write about you.

In every situation I will find and believe in the best.

Your beauty, might, strength, joy, heart, soul, wants, needs and love, over take my pen and mind, intertwining desires, dreams and the present realization of today and tomorrow.

Words flow, time passes, pages filled.

My words, thoughts, moments and feelings are living, moving, wild and free.

Thick substance to a simple experience awakens my beating heart, throwing multitudes of color on an already flaming fire.

I’m writing a journey of months and years on limited space, yet I can add depth and volume to each living, breathing moment.

Flipping pages backwards stirs vivid memories in time. I like to sit and soak in what was once my comprehensible pensive process.

I find joy and hope in knowing that my book is far from finished.

A story is just beginning. A season just began and a chapter just ended.

With only one thing capturing my steady pace, I will wait til you are perfect.

It’s your love that happens–that’s happening, that will only fill more of my story book and…my life.

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