For Japan

Overwhelmed and a loss for words at the sight and devastation consuming Japan. Watching videos and browsing through hundreds of photos makes my heart-break for those affected. The realization and severity are mind-blowing, yet I can’t imagine the state in which others think, see, feel and act living in the midst of rumble, dirt, water and pure chaos. Although there is little left standing, hope lives among the people of Japan. As neighbors, our hands are being called to help, whether that’s donating to a specific benefit, cause or praying for those in need, the smallest of acts go a long way. I’ve never been to Japan but have heard nothing but incredible things. From food and fashion, to culture, this place is surrounded by beautiful creations. Rain, shine or lack there of, positivity can only bring people together. Forming a strong bond to seize sadness and pain, miracles live among us. I believe this will be done- a miracle will bless Japan. Japan still stands. Japan BE strong.

Below is a video made by a friend of a friend. This was shot 6 months prior to the earthquake and tsunami. Chills run up my spine as I watch and take in the scenic wonders. And might I add, the music is incredible! I’ve also linked other blog posts that friends have written about Japan. I ask that you take the time to read those as well.

Pass on the love & help.


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