beautifully broken

this is what I see…

so let me just explain…

its winter
it’s a normal evening
tv for two of three hours too long
unexpected she walks through your door
in an instant, you both change
she’s beautiful
beaming in light and smiles
you’re curious
you insist to know what there is to know about her
the firsts words spoken have you one your toes
she’s got you hooked
as a seed is watered to grow, you do the same to hear her heart
she fits perfect in your arms
your hands are warmth and spark at every touch
she thinks your eyes are filled with wonders
you think hers are pure
you long for the day to be together
every visit is just a tease
you both want forever
but wait…
wait what?
she stumbles a few steps
you pick her up
she stumbles again
you are always there
no wishing or waiting when you are in front of her
she has what you truly desire and need
you balance her every movement

just jump.

lead her.


you will be loved.


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