Up and Running!

FINALLY, up and running, again! Life has taken me by the hand and hasn’t stopped pulling me forward–which I love!  But thank goodness that I have the opportunity to breathe, take a step back, reflect on the past, and create foot steps for the future.

Finally getting around to use my computer.  I didn’t realize that the Internet and the life I live here is pure chaos!  Compared to what I experienced, none of this matters, or at least the materials things.  Although having access to a cell phone, a computer and the Internet is very helpful, the people of Africa don’t thrive on such things.  I have been extremely inspired this Summer.  New ideas have begun to form in my mind, helping me to plan my next move and dream with endless imagination. I have learned much more about the impact of relationships.  I loved seeing women gathered together, doing life with one another, conversing on a porch, truly embracing one another, and the community that surrounds them.  I’m currently still processing what I just experienced and what the Lord has done and what is still to come.  One experience I witnessed time and time again, was how faithful God’s love is.  In every instance, I was filled with joy and love no matter what kind of day I was having.  I was able to see that God always ALWAYS reveals himself, even in the ugliest of places.  His protection and promises helped me stand strong daily, and knowing He is truth, light and THE way.  God is so unbelievably huge and can do anything!  He worked through my weaknesses, gave me words to speak to those directly in need and put desires on my heart, knowing I will obey and trust in Him.  The love for His children is ever so bright. I can’t wait to go back and stay for a while. I so badly yearn to do life with the children and people of Uganda. I keep praying that in His perfect timing I will do so!

Returning from out of country has been one of the hardest things for me.  I didn’t think that the re entrance to my own country would be as difficult as it has.  I find myself very sensitive in many situations, when dealing with large groups of people.  I feel frustrated and anxious when people complain about lines being to long, the groans from those who don’t get what they want, or making minor issues into large ones .  I’m fully aware that I myself do this on occasion, but I have quickly realized that I shouldn’t and have no reason to.  I have no reason to complain about life. I know I will have food whenever I want. I know I have a place to sleep at night. I know I have all of these items but are they what I really need.  The motives of my heart have been drastically changed.  My eyes have been opened to see the world and to understand the simplicity of life.

I encourage each one of you to take some time to look and read the Heal Ministries blog.  There are numerous photos and stories about our teams process, adventures and reflections.


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