waitin for you

Quotes of the Day:

“Tomorrow is fresh, with no mistake in it.” –Lucy Maud Montgomery

“The challenge of life is to take a single stand of a dream and from it weave a beautiful reality.”

“there is a madness running circles in my mind. over and over it repeats itself. i want it to end, but the possibilities are slim.  i sit here, only waiting for the phone to chime.  i need to figure something out–i need the soft sounds of your speaking. i stop in a beautiful reality, knowing, wishing, hoping, dreaming, that you wait, as i do. we have found a solid place, at a steady rate. i know you feel the same–so no one is to blame. numbers mixed, service broken, invading every inch of your heart, with only the love you give to me. i just need one call to make sure you’re okay. i miss you–but i am here waiting for your return.”

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