be open

Whatever comes next will always be a mystery.  You don’t know what Jane Smith next to you will say, what light will stop you, or even the words you will speak in your next conversation.  Of course you may have an idea of where you might be, but what does that involve?  Who will you meet, what situations will you find yourself in?  Take on life with courage and confidence.  Gain strength and embrace past experiences in order to understand the present.  Be open and free not only to the next chapter but chapters to come.  Be open to the next few minutes or hours in your life.  Some of the most beautiful things in life are hidden and are found within in order to create and develop emotion to either cope or enjoy your experience.  So, it’s simple…”be open to whatever comes next.”  be positive and decide with a clear mind if the open door or next step is worth staying in the sunshine or should be shut in the dark–but give it a try. It will only help you grow.

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