thought of you today

There is nothing i want more than you, but who are you? i want everything, your smile, your kiss, your hug and those eyes.

i want nothing more than to sit in your lap, lay in your arms and whisper sweet nothings in your ear.

i catch myself day dreaming of you often.

i wonder where you are.

i wonder where might i meet you.

i wonder if you ever think of me.

i wonder if you believe in love at first sight.

or i wonder if you already know me.

i love to lay here, praying, pondering, thinking, hoping, wishing.

i know you are amazing.

i know you are God’s perfect pick.

i know i will be blessed to have you in my life.

i know you will be more than i could ever ask for in a man.

i know you will love me unconditionally.

i know our love will last

and i know it won’t fail

i know you are somewhere

and i will meet you someday.

i will love you more than ever.

i thought of you today and it made me smile.




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2 responses to “thought of you today

  1. Amber

    Love this! It is good to not only think of that one, but to pray for him too.

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